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Introducing the 2020 Million Dollar Round the World Sailing Adventure.

Back in September 1522, an 85-ton carrack barely larger than a modern leisure yacht became the first ship to successfully complete a circumnavigation of the globe.

The hazardous journey which began with a fleet and ended with one lone vessel, saw the deaths of at least 50 crew members, including the original captain.

Juan Sebastian Elcano, who took control after the death of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and his remaining 18 men arrived in Seville, southern Spain, three years after first setting off.

The second voyage of James Cook, from 1772 to 1775 was designed to circumnavigate the globe as far south as possible to finally determine whether there was any great southern landmass. In the course of the voyage he visited Easter Island, the Marquesas, Tahiti, the Society Islands, Niue, the Tonga Islands, the New Hebrides, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island, Palmerston Island, South Sandwich Islands and South Georgia, many of which he named in the process.

Thankfully, 250 years after Cook’s voyage, sailing the high seas has become much safer and more comfortable since then, while the allure of sailing around our blue planet remains a travel dream for many.

For those with time and money to spare, cruise operators have come up with several offerings to retrace the path of the great sailors of the Age of Discovery.

Sunset at Bora Bora.

However, never has there been an offer to sail (on a sailing yacht) and revisit the places that the pioneers of sailing did 250 years ago. If you’re ready to spend between three and five months at sea, this is the chance to complete your very own global circumnavigation.

A lucky couple or a group of 4 friends (max.) now have the option to circumnavigate the ocean in the comfort of a luxurious sailing yacht aided by 4 very experienced crew members.

This is a limited offer for the worlds most elite clientele to experience the ultimate and first sailing experience in the footsteps of Captain Cook. It includes stops at exotic destinations, allowing for a more in-depth exploration of some of the world’s most picturesque locations. Visit the planets most remote and off-the-beaten-path ports where big ships just wouldn’t be able to squeeze in.

Many luxury liners have perfected the world cruise concept with flashy water slides and Broadway-style shows – this, however, is the ultimate lifetime experience with stories and adventures to tell your grandchildren.

Global Charters provide this incredible once in a lifetime adventure for true travellers at heart. This sailing trip can be the ultimate gift for your wife or fiancé, or a group of lifelong friends to reunite for this incredible journey.

Visit remote Pacific islands, Antarctica, sail past Terra del Fuego, New Zealand, Tasmania, Madagascar, Cape Town, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Rio de Janeiro and back to Southampton or New York.

You will stay connected to the office or family back home from virtually anywhere during this absence by satellite phone.

This is the ultimate prestige adventure that will not only bring you enjoyment but also fame as the world will follow your adventures on social media. We plan to set sail in January 2020 and return round May or June 2020 depending on your requirements. The trip is priced at US$1.25m per person. It however includes everything – all meals, insurance, port taxes, accommodation, 24hr service and much more.

To be one of the lucky two or four people that will get this opportunity, please fill in the following form: